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FinRight launches India’s first one-stop assistant to resolve banking and financial troubles & queries 

Mumbai [March 19]: India’s banking & financial services space is complicated for a common man to understand and make decisions. Several factors contribute to this complexity, including the diversity of financial products, dynamic regulatory changes, and the technical nature of financial instruments. Adding to the challenge, financial institutions and distributors priorities push-based aggressive sales tactics and spamming over solving for customer needs. This not only diminishes efficiency but also undermines trust in financial institutions.

FinRight, a Mumbai based Fintech start-up launched in Oct 2023 by ex-bankers who previously worked at CRED and Amazon, is aiming to address this problem. FinRight is India’s first one-stop assistant for resolving banking and financial troubles & queries of the customers. It provides a comprehensive and unbiased support platform for consumers navigating through their financial products & processes. In an environment rife with spam calls, mis-selling, agents and a lack of a unified destination for addressing customer concerns, FinRight seeks to provide a one-stop support channel which customers can trust.

In the initial launch, the startup is focusing on specific pain-points of customers where they need assistance. Some of these main use-cases are PF (Provident Fund withdrawal) & transfer, optimizing in-hand salary, insurance claim settlement, surrendering of unproductive endowment policies and switching high interest home loans. FinRight has assembled a panel of expert partners in these areas, ensuring users receive specialized and reliable assistance and unbiased guidance. FinRight’s service support is a unique combination of AI and Human experts offering chat, audio, and video-based assistance. 

Amey Kanekar, co-founder, highlights the urgency for change, stating, “The current state of the Indian banking and finance industry is not only inefficient but also lacks trusted & one-stop touch point for resolving queries and receiving unbiased help. Tax planning & filing, insurance claim settlement, credit score improvement, home loan selection & process and many other such queries in this space could be difficult to navigate for most people in India. People reach out to either friends and relatives or research on internet for different queries which is not only time-consuming but may not be most efficient. A lot of content and finance influencers exist, but people need on-demand, personalized and trusted assistance” 

User who trusted FinRight, their experiences speak volumes. Tushar Mehta, an IT professional said “I was always wondering what I could do with my high interest home loan and wanted guidance on the same. I reached out to FinRight, and got guidance on home loan balance transfer saving me a significant amount in interest. Also, they assisted further on process application

Vipin Sable, a pharma executive said I was struggling to withdraw my PF for the last few months when I urgently needed to withdraw money. I was tired of writing to EPFO & my ex-employer regarding the matter. FinRight came in as a messiah, guided and supported me to withdraw the funds quickly

FinRight’s vision is to become a one-stop Banking and Financial assistant, covering a range of financial support areas—from general banking to insurance to taxation, Investments, Provident Fund (PF), and loans. Customers can simply submit a query on the website or message on its official WhatsApp number 81049 39319, and get unbiased help from experts on their needs.


Banker turned entrepreneur and now co-founder & COO at Hyperface, Aishwarya Jaishankar is an advisor to FinRight. Aishwarya says “I loved FinRight’s idea of providing unbiased, transparent guidance and support for banking and finance related needs. It’s high time that masses have a trusted go-to entity that won’t sell products on the face. This will also help financial inclusion in our country where education & awareness about products and processes is sub-optimal.


Being a 5 months old start-up, FinRight has served over 2,000 users across India, successfully addressing more than 3,500 customer queries. This immediate traction reflects the growing demand for a reliable and unbiased financial assistance platform.

Video Link: What is FinRight?



About FinRight Technologies: FinRight Technologies is India’s pioneering fintech company, setting a new standard for financial assistance. The platform’s commitment to transparency, trust, and customer-centric advice positions it as a catalyst for change in India’s financial services landscape.

Website: www.finright.in 

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