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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Numbers Protocol to Help India Media Fight Disinformation and Deep Fakes During General Election

Blockchain firm is going to work with local journalists and civil society groups to verify the authenticity of digital media. Numbers Protocol, a Taiwan-based blockchain content verification company, has launched a project in collaboration with local journalists in India to help ensure the authenticity of media during the upcoming general election, in a country thought to be at the highest risk of disinformation in the world.

The company utilized the same technology on similar initiatives for the 2020 US Presidential election and the Taiwan presidential elections held in January of 2024.

Collaboration with Local Media, Photojournalists, and Civil Society

Between early March 2024 and the Indian election on April 19th, partnered news media and photojournalists will capture content in the field. This is then uploaded to the blockchain using Numbers Protocol tools: Capture Cam and Capture Dashboard, which ensure the authenticity of digital media content and detect manipulation by AI. Partnered photojournalism agencies are Samagra Drusti and SV9 TV KANNADA.

The provenance records created verify the integrity of digital content, and can also be used by photojournalists as a mechanism to monetize and license their work.

In addition to professional journalists, Numbers Protocol has also reached out to civil society groups and encouraged them to participate using the Capture app. A community campaign incentivized with rewards will also be held on X(Twitter) @numbersprotocol

All user-generated content is automatically embedded with provenance data, which allows media organizations to verify its authenticity quickly.

Numbers Protocol tools are used to collect digital media and then upload it to the blockchain.

India Tops the Global List of Countries Most At Risk of Disinformation

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024 identified India as facing the highest risk of misinformation and disinformation in the world. The country is especially vulnerable during the coming national election period.

Political parties have already been found using deep fakes and AI as weapons to manipulate opinion during state elections. For example, in December of 2023, controversy arose in Telangana due to an AI-manipulated video falsely showing KT Rama Rao, ex-leader of the Bharat Rashtra Samiti party, endorsing the rival Congress party.

Numbers Protocol Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Sofia Yan, commented, “It’s clear that AI tools and deep fakes have started wreaking havoc with the democratic process in India. Numbers Protocol gives media organizations the tools to fight back and help to restore audience trust in the news they are receiving.”

Since launching in 2019, Numbers Protocol has secured the integrity of more than 100,000 digital content items on the blockchain and supports more than 50,000 daily queries. The company is actively seeking collaboration with global news agencies and interested parties can reach out to hi@numbersprotocol.io

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol utilizes blockchain technology to preserve the provenance of digital media, ensuring transparency and trust. It enables verification of the content creator and also detects potential manipulation by AI. Numbers Protocol’s mission is to help restore trust in the media, at a time when it’s at its lowest. The company raised a total of $7.2M in pre-A rounds that included Protocol Labs and founders of Twitch, YouTube, and HTC Vive

For more information visit www.numbersprotocol.io

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