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Benefits of the Green home for developers and investors-By Shravan Gupta.                        

Mumbai: The Indian real estate is experiencing a new era of growth and vibrancy. Investors and Developers from all over the world are looking to invest in the Indian Real Estate segment. The development of Green Building has fostered a new wave in the real estate segment. It is the right time to invest in Green homes and enhance your earnings. A Green Building is the optimum choice for new-age builders.




Experts like Shravan Gupta, MGF Group believe sustainable housing will change the real sector. Eco-friendly homes are the key component of any sustainable housing scheme. There are immense economic benefits for developers and investors alike.

The Green Homes and Offices  are constantly rising due to government’s active promotion of green buildings. It is the key for drawing builders into the real estate sector and constructing Green homes. Experts feel it is likely to grow more in coming months with consumer’s number one choice.


Economic benefits for Builders.


The Government’s promotion of green buildings has come as a boon for Developers. It has attracted several major players like Shravan Gupta, MGF Group to invest in the Indian market. Eco-friendly homes are made with less operational cost than conventional buildings. Builders who develop these homes also boost employment opportunities in tier 2 and 3 cities.

One might wonder why to invest in Green Buildings. But it holds immense economic benefits for developers like Shravan Gupta, and MGF Group. It is the right time for developers to shift to Green Buildings if they want to avail of benefits like tax deductions, and 100% depreciation on building solar and rainwater harvesting panels. Some other scheme also offers lower property taxes reducing the buying cost. This is immensely beneficial for Builders who aim to make sustainable homes.

Embracing the green building technology holds immense gain for builders as it attracts new buyers. At the same It  is capable of reducing the operational costs by 30%. Also, the low energy consumption makes these buildings more eco-friendly and in demand. 


Benefits for Investors.


The choice of home buyers has undergone a complete transformation. People have realised the value of a healthy environment and want to invest in it. Some feel the best way to invest in it is by buying Green Homes. The government’s schemes come as a boon for buyers. When you invest in such homes, you pay less property tax than a conventional home.

Hence, these make green homes the optimum choice for new-age buyers. Such homes are usually energy efficient, save water and boost your health. These boost your health and lessen the environmental damage. Experts believe this will boost sales and draw more consumers towards green homes.

Market experts believe the constant demand for Green Building will rise in 2024. Builders are making new green buildings in tier 2 and 3 cities to draw more buyers. A home in a green zone is the perfect solution for a new buyer as it boosts lifestyle, maintains work culture and gives a healthy life. 


Experts feel the rising trend of  Green Homes will make Indian real estate soar high. The future of green building is very bright and number one choice for future buyers. These well-structured homes planned meticulously are an optimum choice for Generation Z and a wise investment in your future home.

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