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Gurgaon Startup Tap Health Transforms Healthcare Access in India

The Indian healthcare landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with startups leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to bridge gaps in accessibility and quality of care. One such venture is Gurgaon-based Tap Health, which uses AI to empower every Indian to prioritise their well-being.


Leveraging AI for Symptom Analysis

At the heart of Tap Health’s offering is its AI-powered symptom analyser, essentially a virtual doctor in your pocket. Users can describe their symptoms, from fatigue and headaches to rashes and body aches. The AI, trained on a vast dataset of medical information, analyses the data and provides a preliminary assessment of potential illnesses. This empowers users to make informed decisions about seeking medical attention without replacing a doctor’s diagnosis.

As per Rahul Maroli, Founder & CEO of Tap Health, “In regions like India, where over 80% of illnesses are diagnosed late, Tap Health fills a gap by providing free, precise, and dependable preliminary advice. Whether users seek an initial opinion, a second perspective, or have general health queries, Tap Health delivers accurate guidance in their regional language, using local vocabulary and nuances,” adds Maroli.


A “Made for India” Health App

“Tap Health is ‘Made for India,'” explains Mr. Maroli. “Our goal is to create a one-stop solution for personalised healthcare, accessible to everyone, everywhere.” This vision resonates deeply in a country where geographical disparities and economic limitations often hinder access to quality care.

Understanding the importance of linguistic accessibility, Tap Health currently supports English and Hindi, with plans to soon expand into vernacular languages like Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, and Odiya. This ensures users can interact with the app comfortably, regardless of their native language.


Beyond Symptom Analysis: A complete Approach to Well-being

Tap Health recognises that healthcare extends beyond symptoms and illnesses. The app allows users to ask any health-related questions and receive personalised advice. Whether you’re seeking customised diet charts, personalised workout plans, or general health information, Tap Health considers factors like age, weight, activity level, dietary restrictions, and even geolocation.


“Our AI tailors recommendations to optimise each user’s health based on their unique needs and preferences,” explains Manit Kathuria, co-founder of Tap Health. “Tap Health empowers users to ask a diverse range of health questions, providing in-depth and comprehensive answers for optimal health management.”


Chronic Ailment Management with Tap Health

Chronic ailments can be managed better through personalised care that leverages AI and content. While the basic version of chronic ailment management is free on Tap Health, the startup is also launching tailored chronic ailments management plans. These chronic ailments management plans will be available for illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, weight loss, PCOS, mental health, ADHD, alcohol abuse, migraine, pain, depression, cardiac, arthritis, kidney disease, GERD, obesity, respiratory issues, etc.

AI will be used to hyper-personalise these chronic ailments management plans. For instance, users with diabetes can receive customised diet charts that consider their blood sugar levels, dietary restrictions, and nutritional needs. Similarly, those with hypertension can access personalised workout plans that help manage blood pressure through physical activity. These plans are designed to be practical and achievable, making it easier for users to integrate them into their daily routines.


The startup also sees potential in AI for mental health support, offering access to AI-powered chatbots and guided meditations for stress and anxiety management.


Ethical Considerations and the Road Ahead

With the immense potential of AI comes the responsibility to address ethical considerations and data privacy concerns. Transparency in data handling practices and ensuring user privacy will be crucial moving forward. However, with these concerns addressed, AI has the power to revolutionise healthcare across India. Apps like Tap Health are paving the way for a future where everyone has the power to prioritise their well-being, regardless of background or location.


AI-Driven Healthcare is Rapidly Becoming Common

Tap Health represents a transformative force in Indian healthcare. In the competitive landscape, Tap Health stands alongside other innovative Indian startups like Practo, MFine, and HealthPlix, each bringing unique solutions to healthcare challenges. Practo offers a comprehensive health app with doctor consultations and medical records management, while MFine provides AI-driven doctor consultations and health monitoring. HealthPlix focuses on AI-driven administration to support healthcare facilities.


By integrating advanced AI capabilities and a user-centric approach, Tap Health is setting a new standard in healthcare accessibility and quality, ensuring that every Indian can access the care they need when they need it.

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