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S Faheem Ahmed and Nitesh Tiwari’s Melodies Ghazal album lzhaar-E-Ishq has achieved significant achievements.

Shemaroo Entertainment Presents. A Melodious ghazal Album “Izhaar-e-Ishq written by S faheem Ahmed and composed by Nitesh Tiwari, There are nine Ghazals in it and the best singers in our industry have sung nine Ghazals


Ghazal Playlist link : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPkzS8pOVQOP6DBaRhtNgm48JeR191qH9&si=b9YymRW2eoOzzZzs 


The 1st ghazal of the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq “Dawa Ki Tere Jaisa” sung by Jazim Sharma 


Song Link : https://youtu.be/_p102td_cWU?si=89RVnTwmQvwSoLex 


“Ghazal in its initial couplet addresses the beloved that your claim of being the best in the world is not proven as no where such discussion has come up some what a teaser rest of the couplets are deeply romantic .once you listen to this beautifully crafted ghazal in terms of writing music and singing guaranteed u will be intoxicated “


The 2nd ghazal of the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq ” Zikr Hamara Hai Magar ” sung by Hemant Brijwasi .


Song Link : https://youtu.be/3yor00Zyu9I?si=GXTdbG0cZOTFOgE4 


“Zikr Hamara Hai Magar Ham Nahi is extremely evocative and silently emotive as well. The lover is too happy to know that his love discusses about him perhaps good In his absence and readily express es his indebtedness to the beloved and takes it as a great honor by saying “itna karam bhi aapka kam nahi “


The 3rd ghazal of the album Izhaar-e-Ishq


Shaam-e-Gham aayi sung by Abhay Jodhpurkar


Song Link : https://youtu.be/4tbZ-gNBEqc?si=2IhMjD_SObxAPeMz 


“Shaam-e-Gham aayi ” again essntially a romantic ghazal .it starts with the frustration of lover that is the person whom he loves is not with him .In order to overcome such hollowness he prefers to move to the tavern or a drinking place rest of the ghazal all interesting Happenings between the lovers. In all very romantic soothing and refreshing for a person besieged of love”


.The 4th ghazal of the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq ” “Pahle Dil Ko “, sung by Meenal Jain .


Song Link : https://youtu.be/4QpxJuP8NvE?si=7CoS-xWNGeuLFJsL 


“Pahle dil ko khula kijiye is wonderful ghazal beautifully written composed and sung. The opening couplet is the essence of the entire ghazal, it says that before you love some one better be transparent and liberal after being so u may love some one otherwise it wont’ work. The first couplet will surely be on every lovers lips “Pahle Dil Ko Khula Kijiye”


The 5th ghazal of the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq” “Raat Aane Lagi”, sung by Prithvi Gandharv.


Song Link  : https://youtu.be/lSITLqwQtw8?si=RaED806d3GH1wY9K 


“This ghazal represnts a lonely heart which gets scared as the night approaches. All the emotions upwell In the heart of the lover during this difficult time and the ghazal flows after that In series of emotions very melliflous and heart touching”


The 6th ghazal of the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq” “Ek Tamanna Meri “, Sung by Harmaan Nazim.


Song Link : https://youtu.be/q2GtejTbz6k?si=cTk7uYNstztYJ00T 


“Ek Tamanna Meri Zamane Se ” is another beautiful ghazal the lover has a longing for a long time that if he chooses to call his supposed beloved then she should respond, infact appear before him. Rest of the ghazal is depecting interesring happenings”


The 7th ghazal of the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq” “Dil Kashi”, Sung by Shahzad Ali.


Song Link : https://youtu.be/EO3rB06xBas?si=pROYUmkzTayuoPdG 


“This is another beautiful niche kind of ghazal for young lovers. From first couplet to last it embraces a praiseworthy style In the honor of the beloved .it is just like a playful kindof an ode to the beloved calling upon all her good attributes and indirectly appreciating them”


The 8th ghazal of the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq” “Tujhse Mohabbat”, Sung by Jazim Sharma.


Song Link : https://youtu.be/FTGdjJAVdTw?si=r_TVPqHmcikfU1cn 


“Tujhse mohabbat karne laga hun is peppy kind of a ghazal full of exuberance and style and energy.This ghazal is a desire of loving heart which is full of emotions”


The 9th ghazal from the album “Izhaar-e-Ishq ” Na Qaraar ” sung by Hemant Brijwasi.


Song Link : https://youtu.be/KonkUkUQPPQ?si=Swt9bLQTBCJf2FH9 


“The first couplet In the ghazal sets the tone of the entire ghazal .it starts with the anguish that neither you have peace of mind nor i and what exactly its balm is being awaited. Rest of the ghazal is full of assertions of sorts by the lover to the beloved “


The Ghazal album Izhaar-E-Ishq has achieved significant milestones, with three of its ghazals being listed in Spotify’s golden playlist, amassing 100,000 streams within three months. Additionally, the album has crossed 10 million views on ‘Shemaroo Musical Maestros’ YouTube channel , a testament to its wide appeal and the resonance of its music with audiences.

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