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Exclusive: How “Zoop” Founder Puneet Sharma Hopes To Transform Train Food Delivery

<p><strong>New Delhi:</strong> To provide hassle-free meal delivery to train passengers, Indian Railways and Zoop teamed up on the IRCTC e-catering initiative. Zoop, one of the top-ranking approved IRCTC partners, is committed to providing train passengers with a broad range of sanitary and fresh food alternatives throughout 180 railway stations. Additionally, their on-seat delivery service complies with the stringent safety regulations of the Indian Railways and the IRCTC in order to provide customers with a pleasant and safe travel experience.</p>
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<p>Puneet Sharma, the creator of Zoop, talks to us in an exclusive interview about his ground-breaking food delivery software that intends to transform the way food is served on trains.</p>
<p>Who is Zoop’s founder, Puneet Sharma?</p>
<p>The founder of Zoop, Puneet Sharma, has led go-to-market plans for businesses such as Virgin Mobiles, Reliance, LG Electronics, and others. With expertise in M-Commerce, E-Commerce, Sales & Distribution, Strategic Alliances, and other areas, he is an exceptionally skilled MBA graduate.</p>
<p>Q.1. What obstacles did you have in integrating your intelligent automated technology at more than 180 railway stations, and how did Zoop’s collaboration with IRCTC come about?</p>
<p>Punet Sharma: “I spent time creating the required procedures and technology when I started Zoop in 2016.” We started out by making a simple website and handing out flyers at two train stations to advertise our business. We worked with the Railway Board and IRCTC at the same time to verify our approach since we were just concentrating on food delivery and weren’t hawking or selling inside train stations. In keeping with our goal, the Railway Ministry unveiled the IRCTC e-catering policy the same year. Seizing the chance, we applied right away, fulfilled all requirements, and received approval to operate as a nationwide online food aggregator.</p>
<p>From our modest beginnings with a simple website, we have developed into a complex platform that can take IRCTC meal orders, such as automated chatbots on Instagram and WhatsApp. The main obstacle was getting people to know about these changing offerings. As their partner, we were able to effectively engage with train passengers and improve the ease of their trip by offering meals on board by using IRCTC’s e-catering option.</p>
<p>Q2. How does Zoop collect and use consumer input to keep refining its menu selections and level of service to make sure travellers have a great time?</p>
<p>“At Zoop, we place a great importance on client feedback since it helps us improve the quality of our menu items and services. Our automated chatbot makes it easier for passengers to provide comments and purchase meals on trains. It can be found on several platforms, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, our official website, our app, and our customer care dial-in. Every comment or issue is given a unique ticket ID and is immediately handled to ensure a speedy response. This prompt attention guarantees that Zoop continually provides a wide range of menu alternatives and high-quality services.</p>
<p>We have elevated the train food orders by adding options like group ordering, Jain cuisine, and unique items for festivals or restricted diets, all because we understand the tastes of our Indian consumers. Our ultimate goal is to provide each passenger with a great travel experience; therefore, we have implemented these improvements in response to the insightful feedback we have received from our consumers.</p>
<p>Q.3. Zoop’s services are available across India’s varied cultural terrain. In order to make sure that every passenger feels at ease and comfortable with the meal alternatives, how does the firm modify its offers to suit local tastes and preferences?</p>
<p>Punet Sharma’s response</p>
<p>Through relationships with more than 2500 eateries, Zoom customises its services to the unique cultural environment of India, providing a range of regional and popular specialties at over 180 train stops. This guarantees that patrons feel at ease and acquainted with the culinary selections. Zoop’s broad menu includes North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Hyderabadi, foreign cuisines, and many more, starting with holiday meals for Diwali, Holi, and Eid. We transported 4.5 lakh online food orders via train in the most recent quarter, enabling customers to savour their meals without getting up from their seats and enhancing the travel experience.</p>
<p>Q.4. As the company’s creator, what ideals or tenets direct Zoop in guaranteeing millions of train travellers ease and contentment, and how does the business intend to maintain its lead in the rapidly changing e-catering and rail travel services sectors?</p>
<p>Punet Sharma’s response</p>
<p>As the company’s creator, I can speak from personal experience when I say that getting secure, clean meals on trains may be a hassle. We’ve worked with FSSAI-certified eateries to solve this, ensuring that customers get their favourite dishes along with sanitary choices. Our emphasis on safety is consistent with train travel services and the e-catering IRCTC guidelines.</p>
<p>Zoop’s food packaging</p>
<p>Zoop places a high priority on easy and simple meal ordering in Hindi, English, and Hinglish in order to remain ahead of the competition. We strive to serve an increasing number of passengers by upholding safety procedures and providing more language alternatives, making their train journey pleasurable as well as convenient.</p>

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